Pump Projects Research on $TIA, $RAY, $POLIS

Pump Projects Research on $TIA, $RAY, $POLIS

Nov 2, 2023


  • Recent trend in the market:

  • FOMC did not raise rate as expected

  • Celestia gets worldwide recognition as Coinbase confirms listing

  • Ecosystem chain effect starts to show in Solana with a strong force of 200%+ pump in a week

  • Huge Solana event, BreakPoint, is now live in Amsterdam

  • Gamfi confirms as the next rotation, which include Star Atlas token in the next exchange

  • Recent Pump: $TIA (20%+); $RAY (50%); $POLIS (32%)

  • Get the full version here: https://docsend.com/view/mcdkzgdkufh9h673