Recent Pump: $PEPE, $LINK, $BLZ, $POLYX, $MINA

Recent Pump: $PEPE, $LINK, $BLZ, $POLYX, $MINA

Oct 24, 2023


  • A recent strong force in Bitcoin with the listing of IShare from BlackRock on DTCC

  • Some recent pump:

  • $PEPE (33%) as $7.2m of $PEPE being strategically burnt

  • $LINK (36%) with the accumulation of South Korean crypto-exchanges Bithumb and Upbit, and the boost from Chainlink's new hackathon event and ongoing projects

  • $BLZ (49%) as Halloween events boost the participations of their games, and the increased holdings of 11.1 million BLZ from their major holder, 0xe8f

  • $POLYX (21%) due to its regular updates on social media and own webpage, and getting new blood on the board, the Head of Strategy

  • $MINA (77%) as Upbit announced its launch to the MINA Korean Won (KRW) market

  • Get the full version here: https://docsend.com/view/8e6zxcfcz67vy6x8