Is This the Return of Solana NFTs? 3 Hidden Gems You Can't Miss in 2024!

Is This the Return of Solana NFTs? 3 Hidden Gems You Can't Miss in 2024!

Feb 23, 2024

We are stepping in a new year, and in the ever-evolving world of NFTs, Solana has become a hotbed for innovation and exciting new projects. Among the multitude of offerings, there are three hidden gem NFT projects that are capturing the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike!

  1. Juppets

Juppets is an NFT collection featuring a whimsically animated cartoon cat embarking on adventures in different spaces. The character exudes a sense of heroism and exploration, not just any ordinary cat but one that seems ready for any journey.

Combining captivating fiction and animation, this collection showcases a charming cartoon cat in a diverse array of settings, ranging from Japanese temples and streets to the Moon and outer space. The cat occasionally wields a sword or strums a guitar, all while maintaining its characteristic bored expression, resulting in a delightful and eccentric image.

The project was initiated in February and has since garnered significant attention from cat-lovers and the NFT community at large. To further engage enthusiasts, the project has organized various events such as public raffles and ongoing opportunities for free minting.

The collection is thoughtfully categorized into five distinct rarity tiers: Legendary, Epic, Very Rare, Rare, and Common. Each NFT within these categories represents a different quest the cat embarks upon, infusing the series with elements of fantasy and adventure.

2. Cyber Geckz

Cyber Geckz is an NFT collection featuring pixelated-style lizard cartoons. This captivating collection showcases lizards in various interesting settings, from shooting red lasers in a desert to puking rainbows in a forest. 

The artwork seamlessly combines elements of traditional cartoon aesthetics with modern digital art techniques, creating a collection that exudes a distinctive texture and character. The intricate details in the lizard's design fully demonstrate the artist's attention to both the creature's anatomy and the stylized expression of its form. 

The collection categorizes its NFTs into five distinct rarity tiers as well: Legendary, Epic, Very Rare, Rare, and Common. These categories are determined by the unique traits that each NFT possesses.

In addition to actively pursuing partnerships with Unity Engage, Parti, and SolSuite, Cyber Geckz organized an Invite Contest for its users. The contest offered participants the opportunity to be among the first to access upcoming NFT drops, with winners even unlocking exclusive NFTs as rewards.

The collection, despite being recently released, already boasts an impressive floor price of 0.42 SOL, which is particularly notable considering the mint price of 0.069 SOL. With just under 250 pieces listed on Tensor, the scarcity and demand for these NFTs are evident. Such rapid appreciation in value reflects the strong recognition and appeal the collection has garnered within the NFT community.

  1. Bears Reloaded

The Bears Reloaded NFT collection showcases a bear with an endearing appearance, symbolizing sweetness and childhood joy. The entire series is curated with carefully chosen colors and a backdrop reminiscent of a comforting childhood bedroom. The bear's fur appears soft and well-crafted, indicating a stuffed toy that could easily become a cherished companion.

Bears Reloaded exhibits a more inanimate and realistic nature compared to the other two. Each member of the series possesses unique traits, you'll even discover whimsical traits in some of the rarest pieces, such as wearing a spacesuit, shooting red lasers, or even sporting a female wig. On the other hand, the common pieces, while more straightforward in terms of graphics, still maintain their competitive appeal by emanating a sense of familiarity and comfort that resonates with collectors alike.

This remarkable NFT collection has established a strong presence over time and has been well received much like its affiliated collections. At present, the collection boasts an impressive floor price of 2.2 SOL.


This serves as a testament to the desirability of these collections, making it an enticing opportunity for both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. As these collections continue to thrive, they solidify their position as a treasured gem within the NFT community.